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Other twinning projects

Examples of previous twinning agreements signed before the starting of the TwinBasin project

Organisations concerned by the twinning
Water Agency of Adour-Garonne
Organisation pour la Mise en Valeur du Fleuve Sénégal (OMVS)
Water Agency of Adour-Garonne
Water Management Office of Warszawie (180 Ko)
Water Agency of Adour-Garonne
Hydraulic Basin Agency of Oum Er Rbia (79 Ko)
National Company "Apele Romane"
Water Agency of Loire-Bretagne (24 Ko)
Water Agency of Rhin-Meuse

Water Management Office of Szczecin and Regional Fond for environment protection and water management of Szczecin

(208 Ko)
Regionalnym Zarzadem Gospodarki Wodnej w Gliwicach
Water Agency of Seine-Normandie (32 Ko)
Water Agency of Seine-Normandie (26 Ko)
International Office for Water
Water Management Office (polish version) (12 Ko)
Jucar River Basin Authority

Consorcio intermunicipal de la cuencas hidrograficas de los rios Piracicaba y Capivari

(423 Ko)


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