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Others projects related to the "Twinning" topic supported by European Union

This project aims to twin European and third countries river basins for development of integrated water resources management methods

This project aims in developing, adjusting, testing and implementing an integrated regional model for the strategic planning of water resources conditions

ü WADE :
this project aims to quantify floodWater recharge of alluvial aquifers in dryland environments

Basin Organisations

ü International Network of Basin Organization (INBO)

ü Seine-Normandie Water Agency (AESN)

ü Mediterranean Network of Basin Organization (MENBO)

ü African Water Issues Research Unit (Awiru)

ü Global Water Partnership (GWP)

ü Techware

ü Interstate Coordination Water Commission (ICWC) - Uzbekistan

ü Niger Basin Authority (NBA)

ü OMVS - Senegal

ü CNA - Mexico

ü Romanian Waters National Administration (ANAR)

üMEditerranean Network of Basin Organisations (MENBO) :

ü Basin Organisation of Jucar - Spain


Other links

ü 4th World Water Forum :
The World Water Forum has the aim of raising the awareness on water issues all over the world. As the main international event on water, it seeks to enable multi-stakeholder participation and dialogue to influence water policy making at a global level, thus assuring better living standards for people all over the world and a more responsible social behavior towards water issues in-line with the pursuit of sustainable development.

ü Canadian Water Resource Association :
The Canadian Water Resources Association is a national organization of individuals and organizations interested in the management of Canada's water resources.
Building Capacity for Watershed Stewardship - Regina, Saskatchewan - November 2nd and 3rd, 2004

The CityNet project cluster consists of six individual 5 FWP projects and deals with the integrated aspects of water management in urban areas (water supply, sewerage, drainage) including their urban/rural interfaces (raw water sources, receiving waters, groundwater).

ü EU water facility :
The website of the scientific research dimension of the European Union's Water Initiative.

A web portal in support of IWRM policy implementation, HarmoniCA  establish a forum for unambiguous communication and discussion concerning the use and development of all tools relevant to the implementation at the WFD.

ü Inter-American Developement Bank : sustainable development department

ü International River Basin Commissions in Europe :

ü River Basin Initiative :
This is an activitiy of the River Basin Initiative (RBI), a joint work plan between the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands and the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD).
The RBI Portal was developed to establish a global network to share information and lessons learned, as well as to link and support activities which uses an integrated approach in managing our biodiversity, wetlands and river basins.

ü UNESCO Water portal

ü World Bank :
This site serves as a central organizing point for water as a cross-cutting issue throughout the World Bank. It addresses water as a resource in its many dimensions, serves to assess and disseminate emerging lessons and shared experiences, to publicize policies and guidelines, facilitate cooperation on water issues and to address issues of knowledge generation, management, and enhancing skills. Learn more about Water Resources Management and the World Bank.



ü Aral sea

ü Incomati waters

ü Loi sur l’eau Roumanie

ü Société Civile et Gestion des conflits hydriques

ü Relazione annuale al Parlamento sullo stato dei servizi idrici Anno 2003

ü L'indice Eaux Douces et Zones Humides du WWF - Evaluation de la politique de l'eau en Europe

ü Management research in Spain management

ü IWRM research in some european countries ( project-2004 "Towards a European-wide exchange Network for improving dissemination of Integrated Water Resources management Research outcomes")


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