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Webconferences reports

  • The 3rd webconference was on September 25th 2006

    The WFD’s implementation and its economic aspects

              Speaker: Arnaud COURTECUISSE, Agence de l'Eau Artois - Picardie

Listen the 3rd Webconference : Twinbasin_3rdWebconf.exe


  • The 2nd webconference was on January 10th 2006

    Topic : How to propose a twinning, what are necessary conditions and requirements to obtain an agreement and the support of TwinBasin.

    Speaker: Alain BERNARD, International Office for Water, TwinBasin Project Manager

    Download :

    - The 2nd webconference recording :
    TwinBasin-project webconf_10janv06.zip (14 221 Ko)

    - The 2nd webconference presentation :
    Twinbas_web_conf_presentation_10janv06.ppt (847 Ko)


  • The first webconference was on September 13th 2005

    Topic : "Twinbas experience on modelling at basin scale - case study : Norrstrom, BioBio" with a focus on modelling results and data availability

    Key expert : Faruk Djodjic and Annika Ryegård, TWINBAS project management

    Participants : 20 signatories of the MoU, members of Cluster

    Download :

    - The 1st webconference recording :
    TwinBasin-1st-WebConference.zip (7 698 Ko)

    - The 1st webconference recording :
    (8959 Ko)



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