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SIGs production

  A TwinBasin Special Interest Group (SIG) is an open forum where discussion takes place around a specific topic in the domain of the TwinBasin initiative, as defined in the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) approved by TwinBasin's Signatories.

  Any representative of an organisation (not more than one person per organisation) that has signed TwinBasin MoU and who has an Email address can become a member of one or more TwinBasin SIGs.

  The topic of a TwinBasin SIG is specified in a scope statement and is reflected in the SIG’s title. The main goal of a SIG is to reach and express a consensus view within its scope, or well-identified parts of it, and to generate appropriate reports.

  SIGs may adopt any operating procedures they consider appropriate as long as they comply with the TwinBasin SIG Functioning Rules (PDF 197 Ko) .

SIG1 - Twinning : this group works on the promotion of twinning agreements between BOs, and the setting of operating rules for strengthening the profitability of the exchanges. The special Interest Group is chaired by Teodoro ESTRELA (Email : ), head of the Oficina de Planificacion hidrologica del Jucar - Spain.
w Vice - chair : CEENBO, Romania (Daniela)
w Members : OMVS (Tamsir Ndiaye), OKTVF (Kalman Papp), AWIRU (Daniel), OIE (Alain Bernard)

SIG1 Inception Report - Recommandations for twinning agreements (230 Ko)


SIG2 - Mobility : this group organises the support of personnel mobility between BOs, through financial support when all criteria are fulfilled. The special Interest Group Mobility is chaired by Olivier BOMMELAER (Email : ), Senior water and Environment engineer, Agence de l'eau Seine Normandie - France
w Vice – chair : SRH/MMA, Brazil (João)
w Members : Techware (Marzia), JTIC (Mr Soekijistino), ABAHS (Mekki), AERMC (Jean), CICOS (Melle Binta-Moussa)

SIG2 Inception Report - Mobility rules (160 Ko)


SIG3 - Dissemination : this group works on dissemination, covering both knowledge management arising from research and twinning activities, and the identification / implementation of ways and means of diffusion (including e-learning). The Dissemination Special Interest Group is chaired by Viktor DUKHOVNY (Email : ) , director of the Interstate Coordination Water Commission (ICWC) - Uzbekistan
w Vice - chair : ABN, Niger (Ibraheem Olomoda)
w Members (to be confirmed) : CNA, AWIRU, Techware, Sebou

SIG 3 will have stronger activity in 2007, as project entered in a phase that is implying real dissemination of project outputs.


3 main outcomes/products have already been identified :

   èExperiences of twinning activities between River BO (mission reports)
   èExperiences & Knowledge of MoU signatories
   èProducts developed by “Cluster” (disseminated using TwinBasin website).

Other SIGs can be created in the coming months, according to participants' priorities like SIG Policy - SIG Research - SIG Transboundary - SIG Sustainability - etc.

To create a new SIG, it could be done by a group of core partners (SC members) or even external participants but with a strong support of a SC member, and formally approved by the SC, either during an annual meeting or through an electronic exchange.


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