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Working procedures

   Participation in the TwinBasin community is open : it is "only" be necessary to support the project principles, to sign the TwinBasinprotocol (the Memorandum of Understanding MoU) to become member, then to commit himself to participate in the exchanges through Specific Groups (Specific Interest Groups SIGs), specialized on such and such topic of interest.


w Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) : BO partners and others

   The MoU is a voluntary agreement, signed by Basin Organisations, IWRM specialists, companies, NGO's, stakeholders in water uses and individuals prepared to be both pioneers and active participants in developing consensus on issues of common interest, and who are willing to commit both human and financila resources to this purpose.

w Steering Committee (SC) : project decision level

   The SC guides the implementation of the MoU. The Committee consists of 17 contractors that are the core members of the initiative, headed by the International Office fot Water (IOWater - France).

w TwinBasin Support Service (TSS) : project executive level

   It is important to mobilise the network of BOs involved. The key to success is an efficient TSS, formed of 3 partners with great experience in the different facets of networking.

w Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

   The SIGs are the working groups within TBxn, structured around the key areas for co-operation.

SIG - Twinning : this group works on the promotion of twinning agreements between BOs, and the setting of operating rules for strengthening the profitability of the exchanges.

SIG - Mobility : this group organises the support of personnel mobility between BOs, through financial support when all criteria are fulfilled.

SIG - Dissemination : this group works on dissemination, covering both knowledge management arising from research and twinning activities, and the identification / implementation of ways and means of diffusion (including e-learning).

Other SIGs are to be created in the coming months, according to participants' priorities : more information


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