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How to take part in the project ?


Propose a twinning

      The twinning promoted within TwinBasin focuses on integraded water resources management at the basin level. This twinning means establishing a link between two basin organisations (or similar entities), signatories of the Memorandum of Understanding, to foster exchange of knowledge, learning from each other and discussing similar problems.

The main objective of a twinning agreement is to promote capacity building of river basin organisations, to improve their expertise and to help them to overcome water management problems mainly by :

    • Promoting a friendly cooperation between water managers
    • Tightening ties among basin organisations
    • Improving communication between the basins participating in the twinning
    • Encouraging exchange of expertise, knowledge and technical staff
    • Strengthening effectiveness of integrated water management within organisations
    • Improving, overall, the functioning of these institutions

Through TwinBasin, Basin Organisations will find funding and a starting point for improving their capacity and finding solutions to water management problems.

Requirements to start a TwinBasin Twinning

w Identifying a good cooperation or interest between two or more river basin organisations (or similar entities)
w Establishing specific points of interest and topics to focus on through the twinning
w Signing a twinning agreement between the interested parties
w Starting the twinning program
w Presenting a twinning proposal to the Steering Committee of TwinBasin
w Getting the approval from the Steering Committee



the procedure for getting support from TwinBasin :

1. Both  candidate Basin Organisations should sign the MoU-Memorandum of Understanding.

2. Basin Organisations requiring support need to establish a "twinning agreement". See the guideline named "Recommandations for twinning agreements" and some examples of previous twinning agreements.

3. Basin Organisations can submit theirs proposals of missions through the document called "Request for TWINBASIN support" : Request (pdf) - Request (rtf). To be eligible, proposals should be coherents with the Mobility Rules.

4. Proposals are assessed by the Mobility Committee and next by the Steering Committee. Then, approved missions can be realized.



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